Our Story

The HealthyNow Kitchen Team

What Makes Us Different

Gourmet quality

Using only the finest quality, freshest and cleanest ingredients, our meals are similar gourmet quality as a high end restaurant.

Delicious and healthy

Our chefs are skilled in seasoning, marinating and preparing our clean ingredients into the most delicious and healthy meals.

Conveniently delivered to you

We conveniently deliver our Performance Meals and Fresh Pressed Juice Cleanses to our clients across the Greater Toronto Area two times a week, to maximize freshness. And our Healthy Classics meals are delivered to clients in the York Region area on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Our clients tell us our meals are the best they’ve ever tried

Many of our clients have tried other meal preparation company’s meals, and they tell us that HealthyNow’s meals are better tasting, higher quality, and better value for their dollar than those other meal prep companies.

HealthyNow's Evolution

The beginning of HealthyNow

Christine originally created HealthyNow as a ladies bootcamp to help her network in Peterborough to get fit.

Back to school

After noticing her bootcamp clients were working hard, but not getting the results they were hoping for she, on a whim began preparing healthier meals for them and suddenly they were getting the results they hoped for. Christine realized she wanted to pursue the healthy eating side of fitness and wellness. She went back to school to become a certified Chef and Nutritionist!

Building awareness of HealthyNow

With Christine’s Chef and Nutritionist credentials in hand, and now based in Newmarket with her now husband Jamie, they began building awareness of HealthyNow through a lot of hustle, dedication to keeping customers happy, word of mouth marketing, meals sampling events, small catering gigs, and just about anything they could do to spread the word about HealthyNow.

HealthyNow today

HealthyNow now provides our Performance Meals to fitness focused individuals, Healthy Classics Meals to busy families and older adults, Corporate Catering, our Fueling Athletes Catering, along with our Fresh Pressed Juice Cleanses. It’s been an exciting evolution!