No. We will deliver contactless on your porch in a cooler bag with ice.

It depends on your area and weather conditions, but typically between 11am and 5pm.

Please return the reusable delivery cooler bag and ice packs by putting them out for your next delivery.

Please leave them where you’d expect your next delivery to be placed, like at your front door, at concierge, etc.

Juice Cleanses

For a standard cleanse, each day you should drink the juices in this order:

  • Charcoal Lemonade
  • Greens Focus
  • Berry Energy
  • Peach Dandelion
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Cocoa Cashew

If you are feeling hungry, we recommend moving the Cocoa Cashew up in the order, since it’s the most filling juice of them. For most cleanses each bottle should be labeled 1 through 6, representing the order to drink them in.

It’s highly recommended that while doing a Juice Cleanse, you only drink the juices. After all, the 6 juices per day have 1400 calories. But if you must have a snack, or want to eat dinner with your family have some cut up veggies like cucumber, celery, red peppers or a green salad with lemon or vinegar as a dressing.

Most of our clients find that they urinate a lot while juicing since they are consuming a lot of liquids but have no significant change to their bowel movements.

Yes, but don’t add sugar or other artificial sweeteners!

It is recommended that you drink them all, however if this does happen, keep the extra juice refrigerated and have it when the cleanse is over. If you won’t be able to have it before the best before date, freeze it for the future, and defrost it overnight when you’d like to have it.

If you cannot finish the juices in the 7 days, I recommend freezing them, then defrosting them overnight the night before you’ll drink them.

For our standard cleanse, the 6 bottles total approximately 1400 calories.

No, there are no added artificial sugars. The fruits and vegetable ingredients of the juices may have natural sugars. If you have questions about the natural sugars in a particular juice, feel free to contact me.

Yes, there are no preservatives, additives, or anything artificial in our juices.

Yes, the bottles and caps of the juices are fully recyclable by most municipal recycling programs.

Absolutely! Many of our clients participate in their normal fitness routine while juicing.

You may feel a little hungry at first, and some get a slight headache, particularly on the first day. But usually by the 2nd day you’ll have lots of energy, feel less bloated and have less sugar cravings. If you have any questions before juicing, or while juicing, feel free to contact us.

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